Who we are

A community and a project

echOpen was born in late 2014 as a community project gathering people interested in m-health and e-health devices for the future of medicine all over the world


After bringing together a core team of 5 people with essential expertise for the project, we tested the feasibility (state of the art, applications etc.).
We then mobilized other profiles and partners to create an operational community based on 9 specific challenges we identified that cover the entire project.
As each participant has various interests and capacities of engagement and expertise, we co-created a project schedule in accordance with these different elements. Using a wiki, which assembles all information (technical, processes, supports, etc.), and online collaboration tools. Some key partners brought resources such as finance, equipment, working spaces, etc. to support the effort and to reach project goals.


We warmly thank fondation Pierre Fabre for having accompanied us from the very early stage of the project and for providing financial support that helped the community achieve its goals.


  • 1 full wiki and github with all information (technical, legal, normative, concept, design, etc.) - 9 challenges for a fully inclusive project
  • 1 high quality transducer
  • 1 functional prototype (electronics, mechanics, software, etc.)
  • 300+ people in the community (1/3 health professionals)
  • 850+ participants in events (workshops, hackathons, etc.)
  • 1500+ people reached
  • 5000+ hours of skills given to the project
  • Winner of the "trophées de la e-santé 2015"
  • Selected by SOLVE France to present echOpen during SOLVE at MIT in Boston

How we work

According to Open Source Principles

How we made it

With every Contribution from the Community

We thank our partners: Fondation Pierre Fabre, APHP, ENS Cachan, AFORP, and all other members of our ecosystem without whom nothing would have been possible.

echOpen community