Help Us

by bringing ressources to answer community needs

All along the journey, the community expresses needs in terms of skills (see "join us" section), access to equipement, materials and tools as well as dissemination to spread the project as far as possible within every interested communities.

Equipement and tools

To make, develop, design and test solutions, the community needs to get access to labs and machine-tools such as 3D printers, testing and prototyping tools, etc. If you can grant us access to your facilities, do not hesitate to do so ;)

Dissemination and communication

To spread our values and disseminate the project allowing more contributors to get involved within the community, we can provide you information and materials to speak about echOpen.


To ensure the community has access to relevant ressources we need funds and are open to any proposal or parnterships.

Provide equipement

To hack, make, test and explore, the community is always happy to receive equipement organizations get rid of.

Open up your facilities

To move forward in the project's design, we need to get access to various equipement such as lab tools, machine tools, 3D printers, etc.

Spread and inspire

Spread echOpen beyond its bondaries and/or come insprie the community with your experience in Open Health. Please contact us.


You are blogger, journalist or Open Source enthusiast and wish to talk about the project in the media, please contact us.